30-day money back policy


Complete 30-day return conditions are as follows: 

  • Available for buyers who have contacted us with their fitting questions and have collaborated with customer service crews to troubleshoot their fit.
  • Not available for goods purchased from other retailers. This program is only valid for purchases made from www.lintaman.eu direct. 
  • Only valid for tested products: unused products will not qualify. 
  • The guarantee period starts on the product dispatch date to the buyer. 
  • Only available for fit issues identified in the first 30 days. (After the expiry of the 30 days we'll still happily help you find the right fit though).
  • The shipping costs of the original dispatch to you will always be removed from the total value reimbursed (this is the partial part of the money-back guarantee). If you opt for store credit, 100% of the value will be allocated to you.  
  • You must insert a print of your original purchase receipt in the package on return: otherwise we cannot know which buyer to reimburse. 
  • Not at any time valid for unused goods or fit issues caused by lack of use (this is clearly visible; insufficient use will not give time for the moulding foam footbed to form to you)
  • Reimbursement will be made only after the reception of undamaged (of course they can be used and the insole, trimmed) product.
  • Damaged or incomplete products will not be reimbursed, whether the damage happened in return shipping or during use (please return goods in at least a stout, bubble wrap envelope). In such case, these goods may naturally be returned to the sender, with prepay signature-delivery postage costs. 
  • Reimbursement does not include your return shipping fees. We highly recommend using a delivery-signature method... we all know that sometimes, delivery companies will make something delivered that was not! 
  • Lintaman may need up to 10 working days to process your money back return. Return datestamp starts the next working day after goods reception
  • Reimbursements will only be issued via its shop, via the payment channel used.
  • Under no circumstance shall this program be available for custom orders.