Its time for better fitting footwear.

The Lintaman fit improves comfort, endurance and performance.

The A1 shoe. A fit like no other.

They're Simple, Smart, Light, Aero - but the real thing is how they offer a secure, comfortable hold for feet of any shape. Discover the performance and comfort of a shoe that adapts its length and heel shape to your feet, here.

See our youth grow-along version that expands with young cyclists' feet, here.

Adapt V2 insoles - upgrade any shoe.

Every foot is unique. Eveyone benefits from a comfort boost that gives a more solid connection to their bike. Our ultralight, customizable carbon arch insoles optimize your footbed shape for your foot. Upgrade your ride experience with the security of a 30 day money back guarantee, here.

What the media has to say

Tried, Tested and True. Lintaman shoe comfort can open up new opportunities for adventure.

Cyclingtips ...nearly all of the better [insoles on the market] are quite expensive — but not these. Lintaman’s insoles feature ...[an] arch support and metatarsal pad... [that can be moved] ...around into a position that suits you. [The arch] is made of carbon fiber and provides a remarkable amount of support. Lintaman says the foam body will gradually conform to the shape of your foot with no ovens required.

James Huang, Cyclingtips

GCN These are some cool looking shoes... from Lintaman. [A] standout feature [of the A1] is this incredible heel cup. The dial on the back allows you to get your foot firmly secured in place. The heel cup… is completely adjustable. [It gives a] a secure fit, ideal for if you’re racing. …If you're training… you can have it in the more… comfortable fit.... Ive got to confirm, there are vey lightweight. [The A1] is simplistic and minimalist, I really like that!

Alex Paton - GCN

L'acheteur Cycliste (FR) - The miracle insoles? I suffer from sleeping, painful, burning feet on long rides.... Move [the carbon arch and metapad] to where they feel best, and you're done. The arch is great; and the metapad feeling gives... no pain, no numbness, not even a twinge. Adapt insoles hit the bullseye. They offer comfort that approaches perfection! They are the real answer to foot pain. Right now, they feel like a true revelation.

Richard Jamin - l'Acheteur Cycliste (French)

Velozine Adapt insoles cost the same as a classic set... [and] only weigh 55g... I quickly found the right [arch] position... [its] feeling is prominent but you get used to it ... it gives a much more secure foot hold with less tensioning. After a few rides the metapad turned out to be the ticket... My feet go numb on longer rides... I have tried all sorts of shoes and insoles but never solved the issue... Adapt insoles keep my feet awake... on the longest rides! I have never felt this comfortable in cycling shoes.

Mark Ten Napel - Velozine (Dutch)

Bikerumor [Lintaman shoes]... give you a ton of ways to tweak the fit. [They make it] ...possible to keep some areas open and loose, and others tight and secure.... The other benefit is they can adjust to thinner or thicker socks more easily, or different size feet from left to right. 

Tyler Benedict,

PEZ As an experiment of my own, I had 3 friends try these on. They ranged up to 1.5 sizes larger than me and a full 2 widths larger. They all commented on the comfort, including one user who’s feet are so bulky that he can’t find many stock shoes that can hold his hooves (and he’s a full size larger than me…).

Chalres Manantan, Pez Cycling News

L'Acheteur Cycliste (FR) - A1 Shoes: Revolutionary! The A1 shoe starts from simple but very innovative idea: we all have slightly different feet, but custom made shoes are expensive - so, we make do with a just ok, or more-or-less satisfactory fit for a better price. Now, Lintaman has made its' heel adaptable while still fulfilling the huge functional demands placed on it. The idea: make your shoes adapt to your individual feet, so instead of changing a half-size, you change the shape of the shoe itself!

Nicolas Auger - l'Acheteur Cycliste

A product range for comfort, performance and endurance.

Everyone's foot is unique. Our advanced footwear adapts the shoe's length, width and shape to your foot; for greater endurance, enhanced comfort and improved performance.

Adaptive-shaping insoles for any brand or model shoe, without the custom price tag

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A brand you already trust: you just didn't know it.

Lintaman isn't a new brand. We've been developing our products for over 10 years. Meanwhile, we've been making white label shoes that are raced by the pros and got raving media reviews.

Top quality and innovation.

See our A1 shoe (pictured)

Go further, faster, with a better fit

Boost your Road, Gravel and MTB riding experience with Lintaman's advanced 3D fit capability

How the Lintaman fit works

Shoe Zone 1 - Heel (shoe length from heel)

Introducing an exceptionally snug, heel-to-toe fit. Lintaman shoes use an exclusive heel box dial that pulls the shoe to the right position around your foot from behind, for an anchored, solid connection to your bike. This is an additional dimension of fit over classic shoes, that can only push your foot downward into the shoe from the top (our zone 2).

The heel dial and tongue allow you to tune both the length of the shoe and the angle of the tongue's heel cup for your exact performance and comfort needs.

Shoe Zone 2 - Instep (top of foot)

(2 dial shoes currently out of production due to supply isues) Once you have set the length of the shoe, you can then tighten the instep dial for a snug fit, just as you would with any other shoe you own. On single dial shoes, the cable that secures Zone 1 also webs into Zone 2, tightening both with one dial.

Our shoes' flexible construction will fit any foot shape closeley for a comfortable, performance fit. You can adapt the cable routing in Zone 2 to account for the exact shape of your foot and your preferred shoe fit/feel.

Shoe Zone 3 - Toe box (front shape, on 3 dial shoes)

(3 dial shoes currently out of production due to supply isues) On 3 dial shoes you can now optimize the fit and shape of the toe box, through mutiple cable routing options and a dedicated toe box dial. Multiple cable guides allow shape customization for any forefoot width and shape.

Our 1 and 2 dial shoes use a form-fitting toe box material to give a similar fit and feel.

Shoebed Zone 4 - Insole (Optional upgrade)

For those looking for the ultimate shrink-wrap fit, Lintaman offers adjustable, lightweight carbon arch insoles as a standalone upgrade.

They offer a featherweight boost to your performance and fit, at just 58g for a size M. S1 insoles insoles can be used on any shoe, not just our own brand.

A massive fit range - and programs for those that go beyond it

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