Mismatch pair / Custom shoe program

Mismatch pair / Custom shoe program

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Before we delve into customizations, let's keep things simple:

  • If your shoe size fits you well, you simply buy your shoe size in a Lintaman. 
  • If your shoes are generally too thin, look at the shoe sizing table to see if you can order one size Lintaman up from your normal size, which will make the shoe width good for you. Note, we don't do half sizes: you just size up for more width and slide the heel cup forward to adapt to your foot's length.
  • If your shoes are generally too wide, look at the table to make sure you can size down and still be in the length range. Now you will slide that shoe's heel back to gain an optimal length in this suitable width shoe.
  • Hammer toes, Mallet toes, Claw toes, Bunions, Corns and similar generally fit inside of a regular shoe size for your feet with Lintaman shoes. This is because a Lintaman toebox is soft and flexible. It does not subject your forefoot to any closing forces. Compare the feel of a lintaman to loafers or easy sports shoes. 

Do you need a mismatched pair, or custom shoes?

  • If your left and right foot are a normally size mismatch, look at the width and length ranges in the table to decide whether your varying left and right foot will fit inside one Lintaman shoe size (highly likely) with slightly different heel lengths. Only your left and right foot dimensions exceed the range of adjustability of one shoe size, do you need to consider the mismatch pair program. 
  • If you have very broad toes, or your length/width ratio on one or both feet is highly irregular, it is likely you will be best served with custom Lintaman shoes. 

How to proceed:  

1) measure your feet. 

Are your feet extra wide or extra long? Or do you just want to know for sure which size shoe to buy?

Stand on a sheet of paper with both your heels and the paper against a wall. Mark the length of your feet at your big toe, and the inside to outside face max width of both feet, at their widest point.

Now measure the marks with a ruler and mark down your separate left and right datasets (It is not uncommon to have 4 or 6mm variation from foot to foot - and more variation happens, too).  

2) use the table.  

Look at the table to see what best suits the width and length of your foot you just measured. There will usually be 2 outcomes (A or B), and rarely, a third (C):

A) standard - your left and right foot dimensions fall into one of our size ranges. It may or may not be the shoe size you normally buy. Go to the shoe you want to buy, and select the size our table indicates. If you fall on the border of 2 sizes, sizing up is recommended if you ever ride with thick winter socks. 
B) mismatch pair - If your left and right foot fall neatly into two separate foot sizes, we can get you a mixed pair for a small operations fee (select mismatch pair here and add it to your cart)
C) Does your data suggest you need a custom shoe? If you place an order, it is for a workshop reservation. We will reach out to you to ensure that we have quality drawings of your foot to start a project with and ensure we have understood your exact needs and concerns before embarking on the custom project.

Notes on custom shoes

Please note that lintaman shoes will not have a "blunt foot" look to the lower tread sole, and will not have a custom outersole. Our goal as a company is to offer great performance at attainable pricing. Making full-custom soles pushes a shoe into the thousand euro pricing category. Instead, we will use the right approximate outersole size for your foot and then apply a stiffened inner sole with an overlap over the outer sole in places where your foot requires this. 

Custom shoes have a lead time of at least 90 days. All custom pairs and personalized mismatches are assembled to order and are subject to a no returns/refund (barring warranty-related failure) policy. If for some reason the fit wasn't quite right, we are customer-oriented and will do our best to achieve the fit we took the project on for, right.

If it becomes apparent we will not be able to provide a shoe suitable to your needs during the post-order communication, the custom workshop time reservation and original shoe order are fully refundable.