Everybody benefits from better-fitting insoles.

Everyone's foot is unique. The Adapt V2's adaptable position carbon leaf spring arch, (re)movable meta pads, and oven-free self-moulding footbed give you a customized underfoot shape to make your boots fit you better. The result is greater comfort and a better connection to your skis or snowboard.

They mitigate the movement of your foot in your shoe, gently holding your foot in one anchored position. This reduces heel lift and can prevent sliding inside the shoe, reducing the need to overtighten shoe ratchets and dials. This has mutliple benefits;

  • Reduced fatigue through stabilization of your power vector joints (hips, ankles and knees). 
  • Reduced constriction of feet, improving blood flow and warmth.
  • Improved foot comfort for longer, bigger snowtime adventures.
For those that experience foot discomfort when practising snowsports, a properly set up Adapt V2 insole can help mitigate discomfort, tingling, numbness and burning sensations. The upgraded underfoot fit they offer means you can generally losen up boot closing tension, imporving foot bloodflow - and warmth. 


Adapt insoles are an accessibly priced underfoot upgrade that just about every sportsperson can benefit from. We also offer spare arches for sale, should you wish to increase or decrease arch support, or are swapping to boots with another arch shape in their sole. 


Learn more, or order the Lintaman Adapt V2 insole here.