NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
NEW A1 shoe
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NEW A1 shoe

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The A1 shoe - A fit like no other: The A1 shoe adapts its length and shape to fit your foot precisely, with a minimalist single-dial design. The A1's fit is optimized for marathon / road endurance type comfort. Its' patented heel closure system offers a custom-level shoe fit at off-the-shelf value. They offer a fit like a shrink wrap that comfortably and firmly holds your foot from above, the sides, and behind.  

 The 6 things you need to know about A1 shoes: 

  • They're simple: One minimalist dial. A rock-solid, shrink-wrap fit. 
  • They're Light: 230g glass reinforced poly sole, 190g in carbon, size 43.
  • They're Aero: the single dial is hidden behind your heel.
  • They're  hand made: Hand stitched, lasted and glued; lintaman shoes are not machine made. We don't outsource production either. Beyond laser cutting the materials for accuracy, all processes are hand guided and executed by our on-staff master shoemakers. 
  • Off-the-shelf price meets off-the-charts comfort: You'll get a snug, comfy fit with no heel slip or foot float; all thanks to the A1's unique closure system that tightens both over the top of your foot and behind your heel.  No matter what foot shape you have; the answer is yes - They fit really well, with a loafer-like, crazy-comfy toe box.
  • They fit, adjusting to your exact foot length & heel angle, through an exclusive heel cup that customises the shoe for your foot. This allows one shoe to offer;
A precise personal fit; at the exact length and heel support angle of your individual feet on any given day. 
A fit for a purpose: Depending on your goals for the day, you could go for a gentle, sturdy fit with a vertically aligned heel cup. Or, set them up for an anchored heel grasp, performance fit by rotating the heel cup forward.   


    • MTB glass fibre and all Carbon fibre models are listed at Earlybird discount: ETA October 2022.
    • Due to supply constraints, A1 shoes are may be delivered with 2 possible high-quality ATOP heel dials; with a either quick release lever (left), or twist-back release (right). A preference can be indicated but cannot be guaranteed at purchase. Contact us for more info if necessary. 

    Atop Quick release lever dial


    (Read more about how to create your optimal fit and chose sizing, below. Download the A1 shoe manual here in English and Français)

    Insole Combo deal: Our A-series shoes ship with our set-shape, standard ergonomic insoles. If you're looking for the ultimate Lintaman fit; contoured from both above-and-below, we have good news for you!  Shoe buyers receive an automatic 20% discount on Adapt V2 insole upgrades at checkout. (This insole discount won't combine with other discount codes. Insoles must ship with shoes to qualify).


    See what GCN had to say.

     About the A1 and our upgrade (additional purchase) Adapt insole. 


    Create your optimal fit. 

    The Adjust 1’s patented adjustable heel cup and ratcheting dial tightens uniformly across the shoe to offer a 3-dimensional fit;

    • The heel cup adjusts the shoe length and the heel grasping angle. You set the heel cup to your desired length and angle and set it in place inside the shoe with velcro-lined lateral arms. 
    • You then tighten the single heel dial, which spreads closing tension over the top of your foot and around the back of your heel. This gives a slip-free hold on the strongest bone structures of your foot - allowing for a uniquely loose-fit toebox.
    • The large upper foot straps and padded heel ensure that a large surface area applies closing tension, giving a smooth and sturdy hold to your foot. 

    This A1 shoe closure system's broad adjustability ensures a perfect fit, with thick or thin socks, and any insole. It also reconciles for variations in left and right foot shape and size. This ensures a balanced connection to your bike for both feet.

    Heel position: The A1 shoe can be adjusted as much as 30mm in length. This mechanically tailored length ensures an optimal hold on your individual left and right feet (which often vary in length).  Left: longer shoe length. Right: Shorter shoe length with extremely short positioning to illustrate the shoe's adaptability range. In reality, needing such a forward position would be unnecessary as a smaller shoe size would be an optimal choice. 

    Heel angle: The A1 shoe's heel angle can be adjusted forwards or upwards for an optimal fit to your heel position and shape. Beyond just allowing for rotation to suit your heel shape, the adjustable heel cup's lower tab can be cantilevered outside of the shoe for an even stronger grasp if so desired (left), 

    Heel angle options


     What size do I choose?

    Keep things simple. These shoes will fit your foot length perfectly. So chose by your width and these simple points: 

    • If you know your shoe size and shoes generally fit you well, just order your shoe size!
    • If your shoes tend to be too wide, order one size smaller.
    • If your shoes tend to be too thin, order one size larger. 
    • If you want to know for sure how your foot length/with sizes in a lintaman, examine the full sizing table amongst the product images.
    • If your feet go outside of the bounds of an existing size, a left/right mismatch sizing program. 


    Detailed Specs:

    • Soles: Road Carbon, ultralight and rigid (3 bolt road), Poly/Glass Road rigid with respectable weight numbers (3 bolt road + SPD), Gravel rigid with tread and stud points (SPD), MTB with rigid mid-body and flex toes, grippy tread and stud points. 
    • Upper: Road & Gravel soft microfibre and mesh. MTB with additional armoured toe area (all versions have impact padded heel). 
    • Heel: Adaptable position & angle upper heel element.
    • Dial: Atop twist-back release, micro-adjustable dial.
    • Insole:  Standard lintaman Ergonomic insole with arch + meta coutouring (Adjust plus available with shoes at package pricing)
    • Colours: Poly/glass road, gravel & MTB: Matte black only. Carbon Road: Matte black or white gloss. 
    • Weights: (size 43): Road Carbon size ~190g, Road poly/glass ~230g, MTB TBD. 

    Dating and further  details

    Note: Photos are of production samples. In-production units will be more "dialled" 

    • Heavily shaped custom insoles from other brands will require careful hand-cutting at the front to prevent heel bunching when the shoe is set up to exactly your length. 
    • The cable will neatly enter into the shoe, disappearing into the frontmost cable guide to route internally back to the dial, in production shoes. 
    • All Production shoes will feature Twist-back micro-adjust dials. These dials are specifically advantageous to this design, preventing any possible heel brushing or clipping from releasing your cable tension like pull-up dials might. 
    • Expect a few other small visual changes may be visible in the final production units. 
    • Earlybird orders are subject to a no returns policy. Delivery may be delayed unpredictably, especially considering current global manufacturing conditions.