Cyclingnews Round-up: Lintaman Adapt V1 insoles are affordable and offer remarkable support.

(Note - Adapt V1 insoles have nob been superseded by more functional, upgraded arch V2 insoles, at a slighly higher price) 

James Huang from Cyclingtips got his hands on a pair of Adapt V1 insoles last year and included them in a Tech Roundup article together with a number of other great products. (We're now selling Adapt V2 - an updated model with (re)movable meta pad for even more tuning options and an optimized carbon arch). Here are a few exeprts from his texts:

"Aftermarket insoles have long been used to enhance the fit and comfort of cycling footwear, and while there are all sorts... out there, nearly all of the better ones are quite expensive — but not these. Lintaman is a small and highly innovative cycling shoe brand out of Taiwan, and the company has applied its ingenuity to footbeds.

...[they] feature a foam base with a separate arch support and metatarsal pad connected to each other with a small bridge. ...there’s plenty of space to move them around into a position that suits you. ... Lintaman’s [arch] is made of carbon fiber and provides a remarkable amount of support, even in shoes that otherwise don’t have any built into the plate. Moreover, Lintaman says the foam body will gradually conform to the shape of your foot with no ovens required...

...Best of all, the price is almost unbelievably reasonable at less than a quarter* the cost of many other popular brands, which isn’t just easier on the wallet, but makes it much more viable to have several sets for multiple pairs of shoes.

*(Adapt V2 insoles sell for less than half the usual price of comptietion, by this comparison)


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